Home grown goodness

Our menu

build your own

choose from one: quesadilla, Brioche, panini, Flatbread, Jumbo hotdog, wrap

quesadilla ($8.95), Brioche ($8.95), panini ($8.95), Flatbread ($9.95), Jumbo Dog ($8.95), Wrap ($7.95)

choose a meat or veg: pulled beef, pulled chicken, pulled ham, pulled pork, portabella mushroom

choose a specialty spread: apple butter, apple honey bbq, raspberry chipotle bbq, jalapeno mustard, chipotle ketchup, pizza sauce

choose a cheese: american, cheddar, pepperjack, provolone, shredded mozzarella & provolone, shredded cheddar, nacho cheese

choose your toppings (up to 3): mayonnaise, lettuce, onion, bread & butter pickle chips, tomato, grilled onions

add a specialty topping (additional cost): grilled apple slices, applewood bacon, french fries, onion rings, pickled jalapeno slices

small plates

chips and salsa (choose a salsa): apple, mango habanero, peach, pineapple $3.95

loaded chips and salsa: CHOOSE 1 MEAT (see meat list), choose 1 cheese (SHREDDED MOZZARELLA/PROVOLONE, SHREDDED CHEDDAR OR NACHO CHEESE), CHOOSE 1 SALSA (see list above) $7.50

Loaded french fries: choose 1 meat, choose 1 cheese (see list above) $7.50

soft pretzel: choose with or without nacho cheese $2.75

loaded soft pretzel: choose 1 meat (see meat list), choose 1 cheese (Shredded mozzarella/provolone, shredded cheddar or nacho cheese) $6.25

chicken fingers: Choose with or without honey mustard $4.95

chicken fingers (with fries): choose with or without honey mustard $6.50

jalapeno poppers (6): with boom boom sauce $6.50

mozzarella sticks (5): with marinara $5.95

corn fritters (10): $3.95

fried pickle spears (5): with boom boom sauce $4.50


honeycrisp apple sauce: $1.50

beer battered onion rings: $3.50

french fries: $1.95

mac & cheese: $2.95

pickled jalapeno eggs (2): $1.50


apple cider donuts (3): served wARM & WITH CINNAMON SUGAR $2.95


whoopie pie: chocolate, oatmeal, chocolate & peanut butter, chocolate chip, pumpkin $1.75

little farmer’s menu

little farmer’s meals include chips, apple sauce and apple juice

choose from: hot dog, grilled cheese, mac & cheese, chicken tenders (2), Chicken & cheese quesadilla $5.50

*substitute fries for chips for an additional $1.75