Q: do you brew all of your beers on-site?

A:  We do! All of our beers are crafted on-site by our awesome Brewmasters, Milton Knouse (II) & Milty Knouse (III).

Q: how long have you been open?

A: Although we began renovations and building our facility in 2015, we did not officially open until March 30,2018.

Q: Do you use your own hops? are your hops for sale?

A: Yes, we do use our own hops in the brewing process. However, in order to make some of our beer varieties, like our Pale Ale, we also use hops from other hop vendors. Our hops are for sale seasonally and in limited quantities. All sales must be coordinated by our Brewmasters by contacting us at thirstyfarmersales@gmail.com. Our priority is to sell hops to PA breweries for collaboration brews.

Q: when i get there, how do i place an order?

A: We do not offer table service, so all guests will place an order at the bar for food and/or beverages. You may pay as you go or open up a tab with us. If you choose to open a tab, you will be able to pay for your food and drink at the end of your visit with us.

Q: how do i know when my food is ready?

A: Each guest will receive an order number between 1-99. When your number is called, guests are asked to come to the front counter and pick up their food.

Q: are you open every day of the week?

A: At this time, we are not open every day of the week. We are open Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening. Please see our “About” page for our specific hours of operation.


A: Guests may request to make a reservation by calling us at 717.334.3325 or by completing our online contact form. Reservations are not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from our Brewpub Manager. On our large event days or live music nights, reservation options will be limited or unavailable.

Q: how do i know when your events will be hosted?

A: You are welcome to “LIKE” us on Facebook to follow our up-to-date event posts, as well as click on our “event” page to browse our event calendar. If you have any questions about our on-site events, please contact Olivia at thirstyfarmer@yahoo.com.

q: can i bring my children to the brewery?

A: Yes! Thirsty Farmer is a family-owned business which highly values families as well. Our events are often geared towards being inclusive for Farmer Fans of all ages!

Q: Is your facility handicap accessible?

A: Yes, we offer both handicap parking, and our facility is 100% handicap accessible.

Q: is your facility dog friendly?

A: We love our furry friends! Dogs are allowed to be with you in our outdoor seating area. We also provide doggie dishes for water so your furry bestie can stay hydrated on warm days.

Q: Can i take my beer outside?

A: Alcoholic beverages may be consumed outside as long as you are within either the outdoor deck area or the fenced-in yard area. If you would like to take your beer to our yard area, please request a plastic cup from our friendly bar staff.

Q: Can i drink my crowler or growler at the thirsty farmer after i’ve purchased it?

A: Unfortunately, guests may not consume a growler or crowler that they have purchased on-site. Crowlers and growlers are for "to-go” options only.

Q: do you have vegetarian, vegan or gluten free menu options?

A: At this time, our kitchen facility is quite small and is limited in our production capacity to offer certain food options. You are welcome to make any of our sandwich or flatbread options vegetarian by adding a portabella mushroom. We can also make gluten-friendly food items at your request. You may bring your own gluten-free bread, but our panini press and oven are also used for “regular” bread products and may contain gluten. Our fryers are not gluten-free as well at this time.


A: We are not associated with the West Wind Diving Dogs, but you can find their diving tournament events on our events calendar. The West Wind Diving Dogs practice many weekends at the Thirsty Farmer and are often there for our customers to watch outside on the deck. To learn more about the West Wind Diving Dogs, click here.

Q: Are your hard ciders gluten free?

A: Yes, our hard cider varieties are considered gluten free.

Q: do you carry commercial beer products?

A: We only offer our own beer and cider varieties on tap. If you’re a novice craft beer drinker, let our friendly bartenders know. We’ll steer you in the right direction! We are confident that we have “something for everyone” on tap!